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 my fantisy story part 2

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Komeiji Satori
Komeiji Satori

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PostSubject: my fantisy story part 2   Sun Jun 30, 2013 6:23 pm

Chapter 2 - The Jounrney Begins

I have left my home 2 days ago with a note to all my
friends saying "I have ran away, for my destined journey
and for the sake of your safty don't follow...
yours truely
- Ben Oliver Whiteman"
but I had the feeling that it would not keep anyone away
but I thought over wise, it was starting to get dark out,
and I look up in the night sky and notice 2 things that was
realy odd, the first was a dark golden star shining my way,
and the over me was that thare was 3 full moons, each was
a differant color, the left one was normal, the right one
was a yellow tint, and the middle one was Scarlet but I did
not think much of it and made camp for the night and made
a fire to keep warm.
I wake up the next morning and I see my 2 best friends
around me, and I jump up and ask "What the hell are you
guys doing here! your gona get seriously hurt!!"
they said "You can't get rid of us that easy, the second
one of us gets involved in something, we are all
involved, and we will stick together threw thick and thin"
I said "okay, you guys can come, but please be careful"
-1 month later-
1 month in and we run into a wierd orange haired girl, that
was bound in chains and had a beer in hand and she says
"Hello..., I am Suika Ibuki and I can help teehee"
I am like sorry but I would to know 3 things
Suika says "Okaaaaaaaaaay *kitty face*" I ask:
"1) How old are you?"
Suika says 17 years 4 months.
"2) How much have you drank in the last 24 hours?"
Suika "Ummmm, I have 1..2..5 27 shots of wine,
I am an Imortal you know?"
"ok, and 3) Can you realy help us?"
Suika says yes, but first follow me
so with no other choice we follow and then next thing we
know, we are in some sort of village with a live consurt
going on, and Suika says, those 3 up thair are the
"Prismier Rock Sisters" and they can help you but
you must first battle them to show your pure...
and you dont beleave me, go ask, because they are on their
last song...
so after the song ended I go up and ask if they can help
they say, if it is help, you must be the one whom took and
drank your own offering of blood, yes?
I said yes, they said first you must beat us in a battle
of hand to hand in one on one and yes we are your age, and
we are girls so don't take us lightly...
I said "Wait, what are your names first?"
the leader says "I am Saphire, the one on my right is Ruby,
and the one on my left is Blair. and yours?"
I said I am Ben Oliver Whiteman..
Blair says "Cool, so you ready?"
I put up my fists and ready for anything (or so I thought)
and I said "Prepair your selfs, cause its Beatdown time"
Ruby "*Laughs hesteracly*" I ask what so funny
Ruby says "Cuase we don't want to fight, it is our little
mind game" and looks at me is kitty cat eyes.
so after awhile we all become friends and head off again..

Chapter 3 - Fortold Lost Ledgend "Silver Forest"

Sortly after we all started walking, Saphire says "It is
getting late so instead of spending the night out here
witch can be highly dangerous, you guys can stay in our
Fancy House... if you want. I said "Thank you we would
realy like that. Blair says and on that note, you guys
better treat ous nice and not get any funny ideas tonight,
got it? I said yes, Suika says "well my business here is
done... time to go back to my home" Ruby asks "Why not stay
here where it is warm?" and Suika says the fuckest thing
I have ever herd (don't tell her that) "Because there is
no wine/beer/or vodka". I say well if you come back bring
me some orange juice, Suika says "I will think about it"

-Later that night-

Everyone is in bed, and I get the Idea to stay up later
than everyone else, and I quitely get my mothers carbon
steel, 4 foot tall, 2 inch thick "Sword of the Violet Wind"
a blade to mighty for a meir mortal that it gives them
the power to control wind, and I go outside and practice my
sword play and I am practicing the Angle Cheif of the 7th
Tribe's Tornato's Sky Strike and this attack produces a
Small tornado that cracks lightening and if done out of
anger will cause the location of the Strike to detirairate
but I need to master this and so in the Future I can stop
Evil from killing the land with poison as fortold other
a mellenia ago. Just I un-sheath the Holy Balde, Saphire
comes out and asks me what am I doing, and I was not knowing
of her watching me the whole time. I lie and say just
injoying the cool night air. She says then why the sword
I waited about a minute and said it is the only thing of
my mother I have here, Saphire says "and then why was you
practicing sword play?" in a real malnipulating voice.
I gulped, and looked at her with a guilty expression on my
face, and she's like "Okay spell it".
I said well I brought this blade of my mom's so I can
Practice my one Great Grand Father's Tornato's Sky Strike
and I need protection from demonic beings. Saphire says
"You do not need a sword to defeat evil/unholy/or demonic
beings, all you need is yourself."
I said "but I am not a full blooded being yet, I am still
weak." She says "I will let you on a little secret, No
matter who you are Physicly, Emotionaly, Spiritualy, or
Mentaly you can always do anything as long as you beleave
in yourself, and tomarow I will show one place that only
I know of and it will be a day of me showing you how life
works in my world" I ask your world, I thought I was on
Earth, She says "No, you are not, you are in the world
you have been dreaming of being in...." I stare at her
with a look on my face like don't tell me. Saphire said
"Yes,you'r in the world of Gensokyo, and this is real, but
don't tell anyone, it will be our little secret, okay?"
I smile, and start crying teirs of joy, and I give her
hug. She says "woooaaa, it's okay" and she hugs back and
says "it's okay, we will leave at sunrise" I ask what is the
place that we are going tomarow? Saphire says "It is called
Silver Forest, now go on to bed and I will leave a note,
and wake you up when we leave"
We go back to our own rooms.
About 15 minutes later She goes and comes puts something
threw the small mail shoot just outside the room I was in
I go and pick it up, and it is a small make-up case with
a letter attached, I read the letter, and I see it is from
Saphire, and it reads:
"I know you can't wait, but here is a gift for talking to me
outside and I realised I should trust people, and you
are the only one I can trust because of you hugging me out
of happiness, So I give you this, I know it looks girly,
but look what is inside, I hope you find me trustworthy,
but don't tell anyone hee hee...
Yours truly:
Saphire Prismeir"

I open the make-up box, and I find some thing unusual,
I find a key with a lable and map of the house and the place
where I am supost to go and I follow the map, and I see
Saphire is there and says "Oh good, you followed, I want us
to go now, so follow me, I takes about 3 hours to get there
also you don't have to worry cause I put notes on our doors
and shall we go?"
and so Saphire and I go on the long travel to
"Silver Forest"
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my fantisy story part 2
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