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should we have a tourney??
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PostSubject: my fantisy story part 3   my fantisy story part 3 EmptySun Jun 30, 2013 6:23 pm

Chaper 4 - An Evil Bloods first appearance

While Siphire and I was walking she asks "Do you like music?"
I say sometimes but since I am here I try not listen even
though I realy want to cause It sometimes slows me down.
She says "well you don't mind if I sing?" I said no I don't
mind why?
She says "Well I want to sing the song of your Future True
Love" I say alright, it would sound like something I would
listen too. so she starts and we have been walking for about
2 and a half hours. We take a brake and something evil
Shoots out of the Ground like a bat out of Hell. And I soon
Realise that it is my brother, and Saphire gets scared,
and she is the traped by a and inverted star cause
My brother Jeramoy Alen Hatch placed it on her, and he said
if you want to see her live I advise you fight me and then
He places the "Forbiden 10000 year old seal - Orichalcos"
Witch is one of the most GOD forbidden seals, and
opens the evil in the hearts it comesumes, and most
commonly used and acient battles against Angels, Mortals,
and Demons, but Demons used this seal to trap many Mortals
and Angels, and also only the Surviver can leave the Border
which means I have to Survive longer than him, but my power
is limited to a source known to many in this world as
"Spell Cards" and I must use the only one I was bestowed
for showing no fear in using my powers at a young age
and so he starts of by spliting into 3 and says You have
3 times the power to deal with, and after that it seamed
like Ions before I was on furge of death, and then just as
I give up all hope of winning, Saphire says "Use your
Spell Card, it is the only way... don't ..... lose" and she
passes out because of the shadows my Brother used, and so
out of anger/fear/and saddness, I Recite my Spell Card
and it is Recited like this:
"I ask of the Creator of the Heavens and of the
Earth, to let me us my souls Power and life energy to stop
this great evil, Spell Card - Biblical Punishment -
Star of David!!!"

and the next thing I know, My body floats up about 13 feet
up and my soul spirts out all kinds of colored orbs of all
kinds of shapes and sizes and they are moving in paturens
that would be like watching fireworks, I was also able
to release a big laser that went all directions posible and
the main shape was like Davids Star as discribed in the
Bible and just as the 10 minute long onslought ended
Jaroemy went for an ending strike, cause my body was
so week I could not move, and as he picked me up by the
neck and moved his big demonic hand onto my chest and asks
"Do you have any last words, cause now your soul now
belongs to me, hahahahaha"
I said as long I am on GODs side you will never get my soul
my spirit or my body, cause you are impure.
and as I finish my sentance, someone appears behind me
and he too had a spell card but he got caught in the
seal and recsighted his and is said like this:
"With the help of the Heavens and Earth
and the Divine Dragon Regnarok, I ask to heal this Beaten
Angle of the Side of Light, Spell Card - Life Sign -

and in the matter of seconds as it seemed I was completly
healed and felt anew and then he resights his second one
and it is resighted like this:
"Dear GOD, his Son Jesus, and the Entire
Heaven of GOD, I ask to Break this forbidden Seal,
Spell Card - Lost Angle Sign - Star bow Seal Break!!"
and soo my brother left and This meir boy no more than the
age of 10 says "I Sence troble between you 2 and his is your
brother, and I am not known to you, but you can call me a
Prophicy Protecter, I have been asigned to you and will
help you and you have many questions, which is natural, but
I can not aswer them cause you will find them and many
more in the Silver Forest, and untill we meet again, stay
safe, and Keep yourself on the strait path of light"
he hands me something which is small metalic ball about
the size of a marble and he says "Use it when you are Ready"
and with a big Sonic BOOM and flash of blinding Sheets of
water he disapeers. and so I put it in my pants pocket and
put Saphire on my back like you would be giving someone
a piggy back ride and she is saveirly wonded by my
spell card
cause it was the first time using it, and I did not have
controll over it and she is bleeding bad, and she wakens
and says "ug..uuhhg.... leave me here I will heal and"
I cut her off and I say "A true Warrior or even True Friends
for that matter never turns his/her back on their ally or
there friends no matter what cost, and I will carry you
to the forest and with out you I will not know the way"
She says ". . . . . uge... thanks your.. a .... True friend
but can you make it?"
I said yes anything to keep my friends alive even if it
means my own life, and just tell me the way"
she then says "That is very sweet, ..... *grouns* ..
and just go.. . . strait ahead..."
and then passes out
-about 1 hour later-
I am tired, hungry, thursty, and sore, but I made it to
Silver Forest, and I go a little further and she is going
in and out of councesness and I see a sparkeling lake with
a river and elegently designed Silver bridge with
a gardrail that looked like Hearts with Golden Stars
in the middle of them. and I place her next to a cool
rock and I wake her up and said we are here. She says
"Thank You for not giving up, because most people would
leave me there" she reaches into the lake with her hands
cupped like the indeans would. and she says this water
has mystical powers that can heal you... come on drink some
so I cup my hands and scoop some water and I drink it
and it was like I was getting a drink from Jesus, and GOD
I said "WOW, this stuff tastes like it is clean, and cresp"
She Laughs and says "Well yes, the pure Spirits have sought
over this forest for over 5000 years, after the Scarlet
Mists went away but they are gona a rise again, but it won't
happen in your life time, cause that power is sealed by
the 7 Supream Ark Angles but saddly I cant remember any of
there names."
I said "okay, but what about the way life works in your
world?" but before I spit out my sentaince she says
"there is no need now, cause you showed me the real meaning
of life when you refused to leave me there to posibly die,
so in turn you already have what you need to know how this
world works, and that is a pure heart that never gives up"
she smiles and we hang out for a couple of hours, and
talked it got a little late and she said "it's gona get
dark out, so we better head back, and ...." she studders
I say well spit it out, say what you wanna say
Saphire says "well... it is just... that... I got good
feelings about you..."
she goes and hugs me and cries tears of sarrowful Joy
and she says "lets go back everyone is worried sick by

Chapter 5 - Onto the Hakurei Shrine (Shrine of the Fairies)

Saphire and I get back and we are both tired and worn out
and we both fall and the ground after opening the door
Blair and Ruby rush to pick us up, and they are in tears
and I ask What is wrong...
Blair says "Oh it was just aweful... dreadful... unspeakable
it was something only from Hell, if it was still used"
Ruby says right after "I am sorry, but we could not hold
him and his sinister ways and dark shadows at bay..."
I said wowowowowow hold on, tell me from begining, Ruby
says "Well around mid-day this THING! THIS HORIBLE THING!,
just came out as from no-whare and just started attacking,
but he pushed us aside and then he took your 2 friends..."
she swallowed realy hard and started shaking and crying
Blair say "I am sorry..... but.... he took and killed one..
and captured the other... and said "I will kill you next.
if you try to stop me, along with anyone or anything else..
GOT IT!" we said yes, and left... and .... and... WE ARE
then they cried for about 3 minutes....
I get realy angry and pissed off to the point of rage...
then I look at all three and say "What ever happens... don't
follow me, and if I go down and lose this battle.... so be
I took and reached in my pocket and smashed the marble
shaped ball and saphire said "Well, don't get mad now...
I know of another place that can help you..."
I ask realy meanly "Well then SPIT IT OUT!"
all 3 said first lets give your friend a barreal...
so that he can live in a more calming place
So I had to pick up the cold, blood drenched body parts
that was so pale white it was like touching limestone
I droped the fleash oozing body and I kneeled at his cold
mutalated body with a chill to freaze my fingers... and I
Prayed and Cryied at the sametime the following words:
"Dear GOD why have I no wisdom, Why I did I let my friends
get hurt, Why did I let my friend die in cold blood?, Is
there no end to this horror this horid life I call mine..
Do I even have the right to even pray for this inocent soul
to go to the great beyond known as heaven?"

and I put head on my friend known as Fornakyru no Harrokaty
which translates from Japanese for Purly Divine Prophicy
and I cry with tears that was so big it was able to wash
off his blood from his body... then I pick myself up and
pick up Prophicy's wet, bloody, ice cold body to the cold
land out side and burned him, just as he wished for when he
died, got killed, or passed so that no other soul or being
can take other his body just like he told from the bible
"From Dust I came and from dust I will go"
the 3 sisters got there instroments and played his favorite
song known as "The Endding is only the start of life"
and after it ended they tell me to go to bed, but I did so
after placing his Golden Holy Bible and I Put his crest
which was a Curcle with a cross and in the cross was curcle
with the letters GL meaning GODs Love
and so we all go to bed...

-the next morning-
Blair wakes me up and tells me after breakfast we go...
So I get up and head to there kitchen and Ruby gives me
a cup of freash hot smooth tea with secret kind of plant
but as I sip this tea... I was in Heaven with its taste.
It had a naturaly sweet smell that was similar to freash
honny, and the taste was a minty/tropical frute with some
suger cane flavor added, and the texture was like equal to
rubbing silk and then the color was a light lime with some
crystal blue and some ultra light violate tint.
after we drink our tea, we start our travel to "The place
that will help me"

-in the mid-day-

We final made it after 7 hours of walking I see a set of
stairs that look like it was from an Aztec Temple.
so we clime up these stairs and then I see one of the
most beutiful places I ever laid eyes on, first there
was a big red archway over my head, and both my right and
left was all kinds of forest area, there was then the
white brick walkway that went around a sparkling sky blue
pond on both sides, and then 3 wooden planks of ash-wood
went to the door and it said the Hakurei Shrine (Shrine
of the Fairies)
and then Fairies and Pure Beutiful creats of light
hovering around told me to pray for forgiveness, and then go
threw The Shrine Maidens Ritual, and then Pray again...
They told what I had to do for the Ritual... and
they led me back to Sacrid Ritual Area behind this
magnificent place it was a Big Gold circle with 7 pointed
Star with one color candle on each and placed in this order
" White = Divine
Blue = Water
Green = Wind
Yellow= Light
Brown = Earth
Red = Fire
and Black= Dark"

which was lite in that order and I was told to meditate
thair untell the candles burned out
so me and the other 3 went meditated in a circle holding
hands and then the Ritual began
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my fantisy story part 3
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