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 my fantisy story part 4

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Komeiji Satori
Komeiji Satori

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PostSubject: my fantisy story part 4   Sun Jun 30, 2013 6:24 pm

Chapter 6 - The Ritual Ends

# days after the ritual begun, all 4 of us awoken and
everything was a colorful aray of mixed colors, and we was
told by the purified Spirits to leave the Ritual Area,
and head to the front of the Hakurei Shrine, and we did
but it had 4 pedistols in the pond on each direction
being reprisented (North, East, South, West) and each one
reprisented a color code, depending on which we stand on
determans what happens to us, so I picked North and I was
told to pick up the box and open it, so I did, and I found
a Red with a tint of Purple (it was a peice of Cloth)
the Saphire picked East and got white, Blair picked South
and got Blue, and Ruby picked west and got black, the
spirits then lead us into the shrine and place our cloth
peices on table, and we did then four doors apeired and we
each went in one, and we each got a Spell Card and an
outfit that looked realy Cool the spirits told us all to
change our clothes to the realy cool looking outfit
and we each got the following:
Saphire got an white Japaness Martial arts master outfit
I got a mid sleved Red shirt with a purple belt made of felt
and it is to be worn around the neck loosly, and White Jeans
that glowed a very faint baby blue
Blair got a Blue Shirt and green ti-chi belt made of felt
and bluejeans
and Ruby got a black no sleve shirt with black jeans and
a pair of leather steal-tipped shoes (they look like our
$300-$500 Jordans)

and I was only one to get a spell card

we was told to follow "The Mystical Door-Beyond the Border"
and so we did and we was back at their home (of the Prismair

By the time we get inside it is realy dark out with a
Scarlet mist that already happed 5000 years before
and then we all went to bed but Saphire stopped me and told
me to wait until the other two went to bed, and we stood
there about a hour, and Saphire hugged me and pressed her
lips on mine and gave me a passionait kiss (I can not
explain how I felt at that moment in time, and I thought,
this kind of thing might NOT EVER happen to me again)
about a minute later she took her lips off mine, and said
"Come on to my room (one minute pause later) I want to
tell you something"
She raped her hand around mine and lead me to her
room and said "Now you disurve this moment"
I swallowed hard, my heart was going a millon miles a minute
I was sweating bullets, my breathing was starting to get
heavy, I even had buterfies in my stomach... about 30 long
painful, agonizing seconds later, she told me "It is okay to
be nurvous right now.. why, cause I am gonna give you
something everyone in your world tells you can't and well
never have (she winks at me with face that would
minipulate me) and you will have one disire you would never
think of in a million years." then in front of my eyes
she slowly takes off her shirt in a manner that makes me
get a little overly exsided and it showed, and she told me
to get in her bed, and she said "You need some love, and I
will give it to you" I was so worn out from the ritual, that
when I went into her bed, I fell asleep while she was

Chapter 7 - The Horror of the 5000 year old Scarlet Mist

The next morning I woke up before everyone else, and I saw
something very strange it is 8:00 AM and it is dark out
and remained dark as if there is no such thing as a sun.
I go to the front yard and all we have are Scarlet red mists
floating around, and then Saphire, Ruby, and Blair follow
they told me "Your true love is Reimu Hakurei" I said ok,
is thair more?
They said "Yes, you have to save her and she is in SDM
I ask what is SDM? They said "Scarlet Devil Mansion"
I said is that where the fortold Scarlet Vampire Sisters
they said "Yes, but she would normaly take care of this,
and she can't cause she is locked up in the Scarlet Devil
I said "Well, this stuff, seems like it is killing people"
(they looked pale white, and they got realy sick from it)
They said "It is killing people, and us too, so you have to
stop it."
I said well, where is it coming from? they said "Just follow
your heart, and listen with your heart, you'll find your
So I headed off, and they said "Good Luck, and be safe"
I head the only direction I know, and that is forward"

Chapter 8 - Shadow Heart-Rumia Appiers!

I have been walking for about 4 hours, and I see a faint
and hazy outline of a persion, and I go over and I find
a cute Blonde girl about 5 foot tall, and had Red eyes,
that was wearing a black shirt and white under shirt, and
a black skirt about to her knees with black leggens and red
I said "You should not be out here, you could get hurt"
She giggles and I jump backward about 3 feet, and say
you scared me, but I am sorry, what is your name?
She said "I am Rumia-The Shadow Heart, what is yours"
I said "Ben Oliver Whiteman" She said "Wait for the one
from the Prophicy" I said yeah, and why you still here?
Rumia said "Ask yourself that"
I said okay you're a strang one. Rumia says "Strang!?, I am
not strange, and you don't know who I am so be careful on
what you say" I said "Was that Supost to be a threat?"
Rumia says "Yes, and if you don't leave I will make sure
you die, iaght?" I said thats it you better put your money
whare your mouth is... Rumia then goes and says "Well here
She flys up and recights her 1st spell card:
Night Sign - Dark Apperitions

I see a bunch of lasers and orbs of light at me in such
numbers I can barely dogde them, then I see my new spell
card appier and I can now recight it and it follows:
Energy Sign - Soul Blast-Kamehameha
As I said this I did it the same way Goku did in Dragon Ball
Z, and this blasted a big long endless wave of Energy
and I got lucky and nailed Rumia in the face but it wasn't
enough to take her out but she is blinded, so I snuck in
about 12 hits or so and then she teleports behind me and
says "So thats how you wanna play, I can play just as hard"
then she uses 3 more spell cards and they go as follows:
Night Sign - Night Phoenix (Unleashes a random blast of
of unholy dark powder making it hard to see)
Dark Sign - Dark Whirlwind (Unleashes a great big Tornado
of Black dust bigger than an F5 Tornado and it drains
physical Stringth)
Darkness Sign - Dermacation (One of the Worst Spell Cards
to encounter, becuase it suspends your whole being in

afterwards she gives me a good whalloping and I am in savier
pain and then I fall down I am to the point of passing out
cause of the dark magic and then the 10 year old boy
uses his 2 spell cards to help me and he helps me up
and says "You okay?" I amswer I am slightly dizzy
He says okay you need some help, so he goes and uses his
Sword of Beconing Light (A sword that makes the darkest of
shadows into a clear battleground)
So him and Rumia duke it out while I get my vision back
and then he tells me "NOW!" so I look up and has her locked
down so that nither one can move, so I use my Spell card
again to blast another Stream of bright yellow and silver
light and he flys away and I nail her and is blinded and
this ten year old boy then hands my a golden spear and
tells me to throw it at her, so I do, and she explodes
I ask what was that, he says that is called the "Spear of
Ions" it can take out the most powerful Demons so use it
wisely and with that he left, and next to the spear
I found the 3 Spell cards she used, I figgered I would
grab them. so I head on to bright road and I follow but
I started to get very cold... I am wondering "What the
Hell did I just walk into?"
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my fantisy story part 4
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