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 my fantisy story part 1

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Komeiji Satori
Komeiji Satori

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PostSubject: my fantisy story part 1   Sun Jun 30, 2013 6:20 pm

Gonsokyo Legend - Fantasy Heaven

It has been over 5000 years, since the last imtrapment
of the forbidden Scarlet Mist, all was peaceful, calm,
for most part a pure world.... but one thing did not
Seem right after the first pure hearted child was born.
In mondern times no one beleaves in myths, legends, or
Fantasy, or even Heaven, Hell, or Pergertory, but this
one child did and he wanted to prove that it all did
excest in one way or another but this poor young man
at age 14 gave up and lost all hope of ever proving it
all, untill... he had a dream, and herd "If you give up
now you, already lost your true love, Reimu..." so the
young boy Preyed for an answer and got one, and now he
has to bring his "true love" to the Mortal Realm, well he
be able to handle the jump of the mental boarder from
the Mortal Realm, and Gensokyo the world his True Love
is? can he even survive what is at stake in his realm
and this journey??

Chapter 1 - Proof of my past incarnations

I am eating dinner one night and I pondered the thought of
Reincarnation and asked my mom if it was real....
oh, wait, I did not even introduce myself, how rude.
I am the 17 year old boy whom has been told that I am
destined to save my "True Love" who ever she maybe...
anyway... I am gona tell you my story, sorry I will continue
and my mom said "Yes, sweat heart it is, but only if
you beleave in it, like your fantasy heaven you keep
talking about".
I told her that she is right, and I have not told her
about me praying for my answer witch I recieved, so I
Build the nerve to tell her and she then tells me this
"I was afraid you would have this moment in your life"
I asked her "why?" and she said to answer any/all questions
I have go read the hidden plack on the back wall that was
covered, and so I did and it read "$%^%#@EDGNHF$^ $#%$@
%^&(*!&$'huifla iof7 3209;ohtu4ilm bjukwqy67i3k 2i;l876"
I yelled I can't read it, I dont understand its language.
she told me to look at it again, but this time clear my
mind and then I saw the text and now it read:
"In the midst of the flowering time, the reincarnate child
will find trueth and purity, but will have to face long
hard trials of both the Mortal Realm, and the fantasy world
"Gensokyo" and if he is willing to, he can save his True
Love and will have to figer out how to travel their.
Also in the Flowering Time he must give up everything
he holds closest to him, untill his journey is done...
and if you are realing this like a book, than you
and your True Love have been reincarnated from the heavens,
so now young warrior Angle from the skies, do you accept?
if so, Kneel and and say "I, the Warrior Angle from the
Skies accepts the long trials ahead, to save my True Love"
and then after you must give one offering of you pure
blood and drink it, then you are ready"

I did as it said and I told mom, I did not want to lose her
she said "It is okay son, because I wanted you to, so that
my journey can be complete" she closed her eyes and she
slowy evaporated into air saying these last few words:
"Son I bleave in you, but as you cry out of fear, you
will always be my best son, but your brother will try to
stop you at any means, and just because I am hear physicly,
does not mean, I would be with you in spirit and your
heart, good bie son, I will always love you, even in heaven."
and I could not quit crying cause of seing her go, but I
had to get my things quickly cause so my brother would
not be able to follow me... or was he this whole time?
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my fantisy story part 1
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