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 My Battling Boxers

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Klaus Rose
Klaus Rose

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PostSubject: My Battling Boxers   Sat Nov 02, 2013 1:33 am

This was my deck from about 2 months ago i dont use battling boxers anymoe because i dont really find them to be that great, there to simple and honestly really easy to beat when u think about how many cards u can use to shut the down the deck, oh and btw some people use battling boxer sparrer and it allows u to special summon it if u have another battling boxer out on the field, i personally think thats such a dumb card to have in ur deck and to me i feel like it just waste space in ur deck i wouldnt recommend it but u can play it if it works well for you ...heres the deck: , if u dont know some cards feel free to pm me here or on Dn
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My Battling Boxers
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