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 Deck Help Needed (Heroes) And How Electrum OTK Works

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PostSubject: Deck Help Needed (Heroes) And How Electrum OTK Works   Sun Aug 04, 2013 8:52 pm

I need side deck help, I have a side, but I don't really know what cards I should put in and take out, especially with the new ban list coming out.

Here's my Electrum OTK deck list: Total Cards (40)
Monsters: (9)

1 Elemental HERO Stratos
3 Elemental HERO Neos Alius
1 Elemental HERO Avian
1 Elemental HERO Burstinatrix
1 Elemental HERO Clayman
1 Elemental HERO Bubbleman
1 Elemental HERO Ocean

Spells: (17)
1 ROTA (Reinforcement of the Army)
2 E - Emergency Call
2 Super Polymerization
2 Miracle Fusion
1 Heavy Storm
1 Dark Hole
2 Pot of Duality
3 Terraforming
3 Fusion Gate

Traps: (14)
3 Chain Material
2 Mirror Force
2 Bottomless Trap Hole
3 Compulsory Evacuation Device
1 Solemn Judgement
1 Solemn Warning
2 Dark Bribe

Extra Deck: (15)
1 Superdreadnought Rail Canna Gustav Max
1 Number 16: Shock Master
1 Maestroke the symphony Djinn
3 Elemental HERO Electrum
3 Elemental HERO The Shining
2 Elemental HERO Gaia
2 Elemental HERO Absolute Zero
1 Elemental HERO Great Tornado
1 Elemental HERO Escuridao

Side Deck: (15)
2 Banisher of the Radiance
1 Honest
3 Snowman Eater
2 Thunder King Rai-Oh
2 Mystical Space Typhoon
3 Marco Cosmos
2 Forbidden Lance

Well that's the deck, here is what I need help with:
Is the side deck good enough?
If not, what should I add or subtract to make it better?
I want to add 3 Upstart Goblins to the OTK more consistent, how could i add them to the deck?
Is there any good way to search out Chain Material?
What other good XYZs should I play and how should I make room?

Here's How the OTK Works:
2 card OTK, cards needed:
Fusion Gate
Chain Material

Step 1: Activate Fusion Gate and Chain Material (Chain Material is a trap making the deck an OTK not an FTK because it has to be set first) Chain Material allows for you to use fusion materials from your deck, graveyard, and hand in Fusion summons, but the fusions cannot attack and are destroyed during the end phase
Step 2: Send from your deck to banished the four Electrum fusion Materials (Bubbleman, Avian, Burstinatrix, and Clayman We will call them EFM or Electrum Fusion Materials) to special Summon Electrum. Then use Electrum's mandatory eff to send the banished EFMs to the deck.
Step 3: Repeat Step 2
Step 4: Overlay for Superdreadnought Rail Canna Gustav Max and use effect.
Step 5: Use FG (Fusion Gate) to banish Superdreadnought Rail Canna Gustav Max and any E-HERO to make Gaia, then Use FG to banish both Electrums in grave for The Shining. Banish The Shining and Gaia for another Shining.
Step 6: Use FG to banish from deck the EFMs and repeat all steps again until its GGs. when you end up with the sitting Shinings banish them for another Shining. This is why you need three Shining in the extra deck.

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PostSubject: Re: Deck Help Needed (Heroes) And How Electrum OTK Works   Wed Aug 07, 2013 10:59 am

All i can say is that you should rather use mallet than upstart
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Posts : 46
Join date : 2013-08-04

PostSubject: Re: Deck Help Needed (Heroes) And How Electrum OTK Works   Wed Aug 07, 2013 2:22 pm

I kinda like Upstart better than mallet becuz mallet is a neg 1, and upstart isn't, but I'll test that out. Thanks for the idea!
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PostSubject: Re: Deck Help Needed (Heroes) And How Electrum OTK Works   

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Deck Help Needed (Heroes) And How Electrum OTK Works
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