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  fanmade duels episode 2: Yugi Moto VS an unknown girl?

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Komeiji Satori
Komeiji Satori

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PostSubject: fanmade duels episode 2: Yugi Moto VS an unknown girl?   Sun Jul 21, 2013 6:53 pm

what leads up to the duel: 3 or 4 days after joeys duel with jaden, yugi was getting ready for bed and the spirit of the puzzle came to yugi rather troubled and yugi asked in a senceer way "Is something wrong Yami?" and Yami said in a not so confident voice "Yes... but I don't know what, but I have a feeling that a great conpetiter is coming." Yugi said kinda of suprized but tried to hide it "You feel it too... there has been wierd stuff going on with my... well our deck and for 3 nights I have had dreams of some girl with a duel disk but it seemed as if I knew her without even saying hello... kinda of strange huh?" Yami said "That is kinda of strange but we don't know if she is for good or bad so we can only let the heart of the cards guide us." Yugi said in a refreashed mood "Well, let just get some rest and we will feel better by morning" Yami said "Agreed" and yugi went to bed.
The next day Yugi gets up and his Granda, and his friends Tea, Joey, and the man that created the card game of duel monsters Pegesis J. Crawford rushed threw yugi's bedroom door and said in a shocked and studdering way "Yugi, you know the wierd stuff going on, it is due to a new duelist and she is not a force to be reckoned with and she defeated Kiaba, the spirit of the Ring, and Marik Ishtar in a 3 on 1 duel and said if Yugi values his friends and his own life, to duel her on the top of Kiaba Corp. headquarters at 3:00pm and it will be live" and then Yami took over and said "then if it a duel she wants then its a duel she gets, cause you don't mess with my friends" and Joey shouted "Yeah and we're with you all the way" so Yugi packed is deck and his duel disk and headed to find this mystrious duelist.
Yugi is now walking around the main shopping district and finds this mystious girl Yugi mentaly spoke to yami and said "That girl looks like the one I saw in my dream and she is kinda cute" Yami "Said you can't be detracted by her cuteness she might be the one causeing trouble..." and then the girl calmly says "I now summon Currupt light and Dark Dream Spirit (3100 atk, 2500 def [ warrior/fusion/effect {requires 1 warrior type monster + 1 level 7 spellcaster type monster}] dark type eff is "When you or your opponent summons a Fiend or Spellcaster type monster you can discard 2 cards to distroy that monster, you must pay 900 life points to keep this card on the field during each of your stand-by phases") now my Spirit whipe out his life points and end him!" then she turned around saw Yugi and walks over and said "Oh... you must be Yugi Moto but names don't matter and yes I know you have lots of questions but it all will be answered as soon you duel me in 10 minutes" then she walked of to KC HQ and yugi followed...

10 minutes later yugi arives as she had planned (the girl is 17 years old, white skinned, pinkish/blueish eyes, blueish hair, and was waring a pink outfit picture will be shown at the end) and she said "Ready to duel for your verylife agian yugi muwhahahaha" Yami took over and said "Thats enough.. now tell us your name and why you are doing this" now the 3 remaining friends yugi has shows up and cheer him on. then this girl closes her eyes and says "My name is Remilia, Remilia Scarlet and I want to take you down and will do anything to have the power of the pharroe and you cant win and every time you take damage in this duel you slowly desapeer hahahaha, so lets get started" Yami says "You will pay for what you have done and I will defeat you! so prepare yourself cause its time to duel!!"

the duel begins:

 Remilia 4000, Yugi/Atem 4000
Remilia goes first and sets 3 cards then ends her turn

Atem/Yami Draws and activates polymerization to fuse Berfomet and gazell to summon Chimera the flying mythical beast and sets one card facedown then sets one monster in deffence and ends his turn.

turn 2: Remilia 4000, Yami/Atem 4000

Remilia draws and activates urgent tuning and send from hand to the grave junk synchron and speed warrior to the grave to summon junk warrior and she uses monster reborn from hand to summon junk synchron and tunes for lv 8 crimson blader and attacks chimera Yami Reponds with a trap called negate attack and remilia ends her turn

Yami Draws and activates dark hole and then uses monster reborn to summon his chimera and gets his gazzell and rages a direct attack and remilia responds with mirror force and call of the haunted to summon her crimson blader then yami uses pot of greed then uses graceful charity and then uses cards of santity then places 3 cards face down and ends his turn

turn 3: Remilia 4000, Yami 4000

Remilia draws and uses magical stone excavation to add reborn to hand and she descards 2 Grapha, dragon lord of dark world and pops 2 of yamis facedowns
and she activates dark world dealings discards a goldd to special summon it she uses another one to send effect veiler to the grave then she removes from play 1 grapha and the effect veiler to summon black luster soldier - envoy of the begining then adds the goldd back to hand to summon grapha from grave (note: she had 2 in the grave) then she overlays lvl 8 to summon haritic sun dragon over lord and uses his effect to detach one overlay unit to tribute any number of monsters from hand or field to distroy any number of cards on field min. of 1 and distroys her own grapha to distroy yamis last facedown but yami chain the effect with the trap and it is called divine wrath he discards one card to negate the activation of an effect monster and distroys it and he discards dark magician remilia ends her turn

yami draws and he sets magician of faith facedown and activates swords of revieling light and ends his turn

turn 4: remilia 4000, Yami 4000

remilia draws and summons breaker the magic swordsman and uses his effect to give off 1 counter to distroy 1 spell or trap and chooses swords of revieling light and attacks the facedown and sends the magician to grave and yugi adds five star twilight to his hand and then remilia ends her turn and yami summons kuriboh and activates bonds of brothers and summons Kuriba, Kuribi, Kuribe and Kuribu and uses polymerization to fuse them together to summon kuribabalion (fiend/fusion/effect) (1500/1000) (lvl 5) [effect: When this card's attack is negated, and 1 "Kuriba", "Kuribe", "Kuribi", "Kuriboh", and "Kuribu" you own are currently in the grave, you can remove this card from play to Special Summon those monsters.] and activates 5 star revenge he can remove 1 "Kuriba", "Kuribe", "Kuribi", "Kuriboh", and "Kuribu" double Kuribabalions attack and deffence to 3000/2000 attacks breaker which has 1600 deals 1400 anad sets one card and ends his turn

turn 5: Remilia 2600, Yami 4000
remilia draws and activates a spell known as chaos black and white fusion which she gets to target one monster in the opponents graveyard and 1 monster in her deck field or graveyard at the cost of her whole hand to summon 1 fusion monster and chooses dark magician in Yamis grave and her flame swordsman from her deck to summon Currupt light and Dark Dream Spirit (3100 atk, 2500 def [warrior/fusion/effect {requires 1 warrior type monster + 1 level 7 spellcaster type monster}] dark type eff is "When you or your opponent summons a Fiend or Spellcaster type monster you can discard 2 cards to distroy that monster, you must pay 900 life points to keep this card on the field during each of your stand-by phases") attacks kuribabalion but yami activates a trap called Demensional prison and banishes Dark Dream Spirit and remilia ends her turn
yami draws and his kuribabalion is now 1500/1000 and the 5 monsters used for 5 star revenge are put back into the grave and he uses monster reincarnation to discard one card to get dark magician to his hand and then uses de-fusion to defuse his 1 monsters into the 5 materials used and tributes kuriboh and kuribu to summon dark magician and uses double summon to tribute his 3 other "kurib" monsters to summon the winged dragon of Ra and pays 3999 lp to RA and uses dark magician and winged dragon of ra attack her for game but then remilia smiles and says this is a nice touch you have but not enough to beat me then she uses a card in grave called monster doubling assualt and doubles RA's attack power to 7998 and uses monster's red-blood feast and lets her distroy one monster on field and deal damage to both players and RA explodes into a think cloud and it clear all yami see's is Remilia's duel disk and a laughter then the duel ended

turn 5: Remilia 0, Yami 0

To be continued.......
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fanmade duels episode 2: Yugi Moto VS an unknown girl?
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