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 fanmade duels (Touhou, yugioh, DBZ, and nintendo, ECT.) Joey Wheeler vs Jaden Yuki

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Komeiji Satori
Komeiji Satori

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PostSubject: fanmade duels (Touhou, yugioh, DBZ, and nintendo, ECT.) Joey Wheeler vs Jaden Yuki   Fri Jul 12, 2013 2:41 pm

Duel Bio: Joey Wheeler was just walking around town and was just pumped for a duel but everyone thought he was just a 3rd rate duelist but then he saw people in Red, Yellow, and Blue Jackets and he thought "oh boy I'd better get a move on before something bad happens" then one boy in red yelled hey everyone look its Joey Wheeler, he placed 2nd in duelist kingdom! and then Joey smile and said "Well i guess they arnt bad guys but who are they but by now they are cought up with him and one man tower'd big and tall like kiaba with an ego to fit and Joey said who are you and this man said "My name is Villan Crawler and you are just a...." then he gets interupted by a mid sized teen boy and this boy said sorry to inerrupt but can I duel you Joey and Joey asked who this boy was and the boy replued "I am Jaden Yuki and I am gonna be the next king of games" Joey said alright I will duel ya but you better be any good to duel a pro then Yugi and his friends and even kiaba showed up and Kiaba said "Well joey you have to duel students of DA joey asked DA whats that Yugi said That is short for duel academy which is a school for young duelists to want to be pro... kiaba says and a slifer red chalanged you.... but lets make this intersresting if you can beat this slfier red student if you can last even 3 turns.. I will give you a better name in the duel books so then jaden says wow he is harsh and joey is now mad but says then do this Jaden prepare yourself cause its time to duel!.... Jaden says yes, so get your game on! duel begins.

Jaden 4000, Joey 4000

Jaden goes first and summons E-hero Clayman in def (800/2000) and Joeys a what hero? then kiaba says elemental hero, these monsters maybe weak but they have all sorts of fusion counterparts but now Jaden says "I am now gona rock polymerization! by fusing my E-HERO avian and burstrinatrix from hand to summon E-Hero Flame wingman (2100 atk) and then he places 1 facedown and ends

Joey draws and activates pot of greed and then uses change of heart to take jadens e-hero flamewingman and then tributes for jinzo and then plays 2 cards facedown

turn 2 jaden 4000, Joey 4000

jaden draws and then uses the FD card called dark hole and now then joeys uses call of the haunted to bring back jinzo and then chains with jar of greed to draw one and jaden uses mericle fusion to banish sparkman and flamewingman to summon shining flare wingman and then attacks and deals 2500 due to the eff of flame and leaves joey with 1500lp and set ones card and ends

joey draws and summons swordsman of lanstar and then plays graceful dice and the die rolls on a 5 making him from 500 to 2500 attack but then plays lightening sword and gives his swordsman 500 to make him 3000 and attacks and jaden uses hero barrier blocking the attack and joey sets one card fd and end

turn 3 jaden 4000, joey 1500

jaden draws and plays H heated heart and now his wingman has 3000 attack and can attack directly and does so for game but jeoy activates a trap known as magic cylender and deals jaden 3000 lp damage and jaden ends his turn

joey draws and uses his dark hole and then summons aligater sword and attacks but jaden uses a quickplay from hand flute of summoning kuriboh and summns winged kuriboh in def and joey distroys it and ends

turn 4: Jaden 1000, Joey 1500

jaden draws and uses pot of greed to draw 2 more and uses sky scraper and then summons e-hero lady heat and attacks due to the field she gains 1000 atk and she is now 2300 and destroys aligator sword to duel 800 and ends but then the eff of lady heat to deal 200 for each face-up e-hero jaden controlls

joey draws and sets a card then ends

turn 5: Jaden 1000, Joey 500

jaden draws and attacks but joey uses grave robber and takes jadens mericle fusion and says I know about heros but never faced them but I take your mericle fusion and use it to banish 2 light type e-heros from ur grave to summon the shining and he is 2600 not to bad huh jaden ends up losing his card then ends

joey draws and uses monster reborn to bring back jadens flame wingman and attacks jaden and jaden says "Well I guess i lose, but this hurts to be hit by my own monsters" jaden gets hit with 5100 total attack and jaden smiles then uses quickplay trap magic card which now he can use one trap from hand as a spell right now and uses ring of destruction to destroy flame wingman and deals 2600 to heach player and end the duel in a draw

end of turn 5: jaden 0, Joey 0

kiaba says well you survived but you wont be as lucky next time wheeler. Jaden says nice deck and you are an awesome duelist, I hope to duel ya agian sometime and walks away with his classmate and joey says you too and I am always up fr a duel just look for me.
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fanmade duels (Touhou, yugioh, DBZ, and nintendo, ECT.) Joey Wheeler vs Jaden Yuki
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